Episode 18: Three Songs from the Inside Out

Ben Wakeman, the host of Take Me to the Bridge is a songwriter.  His love for songs is the driving force behind the effort he puts into all the artist interviews he does.  Ben is forever curious about where good songs come from and what makes them work.

In this podcast he talks in depth about three of his new songs which are at various stages of completion as he prepares to go into the studio to work on his next album. He performs each of the three songs and talks about what inspired them, how they evolved and his own process of editing, reworking and ultimately listening to the direction of the song.

The intimacy and candid quality of Take Me to the Bridge show is at it's best in this episode because Ben removes all barriers between the artist, the song and the listener, inviting you in to sit down and be a part of the process as it unfolds. The songs he chooses to share are unique, compelling and each one presents it's own challenge as Ben talks through them, playing a verse, then discussing what worked, what didn't work and why. Songwriters and songwriting fans alike will truly enjoy this behind the scenes look.