This song goes in a lot of different directions, but hopefully they all land in the same spot: we are more alike than we think we are and probably a lot less important in the cosmic scheme of things. #tinydeskconcert

This is a spontaneous little piece that came to me on my birthday and I wanted to capture it quickly in raw form. It may turn into something more, but then it may not.

My humble, last minute submission to the Tiny Desk Concert competition. Enjoy :-)

This song came to me quickly, like it knew what it needed to do, like an unexpected visit from an old friend - the kind who just happens to know you won't make it through another empty day. If you're lost, I hope this song makes you feel a little less alone.

As I watch my parents age and struggle with the prospect of eventually losing their independence, I wanted them to know they will always be taken care of.

Sometimes you just have to completely take it up a notch in production value and sheer performance prowess. The lip-syncing alone is worth the price of admission.