Why Am I Doing This?

My life is full. I mean, really full. I am a lucky man. I was raised by a large, loving and supportive family. I never wanted for anything and I was made to believe I could do anything I wanted to do with my life. I had the freedom to explore the possibilities and this optimism that anything is possible. I recognize now that this is not something I was born with but a privilege bestowed upon me. If you know me, or even if you don't and just happened to click around this web site, it's apparent that I have an insatiable curiosity and a restless, creative streak. It's fair to say my ability to produce far exceeds my ability to sell. It's a supply and demand problem. I can make records and books and podcasts, but I can't sell them.

Fortunately I realized this flaw early in my life and I learned how to make a living by other means. So anything that comes from my artistic endeavors is gravy. I was never in it for the money anyway, but rather the expression, the communication and the sharing of stories. Whether it's through music or writing, I long for that connection you make when you share an idea with another person. This brings me to the point of all this. I want more people to read my book and I want, in some small way, to pay forward my good fortune. 


I had the opportunity last year to volunteer at My Sister's House which is a part of Atlanta Mission. I was extremely impressed with the organization and the commitment of all the folks I met there. I worked with some other volunteers a couple of evenings a week as a tutor. All of the children I got to know during my time there were remarkable. Their optimism and resilience in the face of some unimaginable circumstances were inspiring. These kids are so hungry for one-on-one attention and I found myself quickly overwhelmed and overrun with their questions, their curiosities and raw need to just be seen. It was one of the more rewarding things I've done in my life.

Unfortunately, I don't have as much time these days to volunteer, but I don't want to give up on these kids or let them down. So this is an experiment to see if I can exchange my art for your money so we can make a real difference in the lives of these families who have no where else to turn. Please consider buying a copy of Rewind, Playback for yourself or gifting copies to anyone you think might enjoy it. 100% of the money I earn from book sales in March will go directly to Atlanta Mission.